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The automatic hot dog grill roller, to help you grill your hot dogs to perfection.These extravagant dogs are layered with fresh mozzarella and marinated artichoke hearts.

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To make the BBQ sauce heat a little oil in a heavy bottomed pan and gently sweat the onions with out colouring.A simple, under 30 minute meal with hot dogs in a homemade sweet BBQ sauce served over white rice.Cook, turning occasionally, until well browned and crisp, about 3 minutes total.

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Our gourmet burgers, hot dogs and ground meats are guaranteed to step up your grilling.Find hot dog recipes including hot dog chili recipes, hot dog sauce recipes, and more hot dog recipes.

Mix the grape jelly and barbecue sauce in the crock pot until smooth.

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Combine all ingredients, simmer on low heat about 20 minutes.Cured hot dogs are made with sodium nitrite, which extends the shelf life, helps prevent nasty forms of bacteria, and gives the meat a reddish hue.And, as we all know, everything is better with bacon—and bacon-wrapped mini hot dogs in a maple-brown sugar sauce is proof of just that.But when I think summer and BBQs and grilling, my mind immediately goes to the versatile franks that remind me of all things childhood and wonderful.Tough Texan Dog: Hot dog seasoned with hot sauce and dried red peppers, smothered with pepper cheese and barbeque sauce, served on thick Texas Toast Trattoria Sandwich: Hot dog slices layered with roasted red bell peppers, pesto mayonnaise, and Mozzarella cheese, served on focaccia bread.

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Offering BBQ sandwiches and sliders along with 100% All Beef Hot Dogs, Brats and Red Hots grilled to perfection.A buttery, crispy hot dog bun encases a grilled hot dog with lots of melty cheese and crispy bacon.He pens the popular barbecue blog Grilling 24x7, where he writes about everything from tailgating to smoker-building, with a lot more in between.

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Cover the crock pot and cook on low heat for 1-2 hours or until the hot dogs are heated through.Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs are a super fun and tasty combination of 2 classics- Grilled Cheese and Hot Dogs.

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This idea actually came to me while strolling down memory lane, to a trip to Blue Springs a few years ago with a couple of friends.

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Cook the kielbasa in a skillet over medium heat until evenly browned.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may receive a commission at no cost to you if you use a link provided.Top each hot dog with barbecue pork mixture and coleslaw mixture.

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